AES - CHRISTIAN 25 - Elite Elite Hengst


UELN: DE421000081606
Chipnummer: 985111000467935
Height: 1,73m
Status: ELITE HENGST *****
Geboortedatum: 01-04-2006 (18 JAAR)

Stud Fee: £ 1.000,00
Telefoon: 014232339222
WFFS: Tested Negative


Christian is a tall, athletic, modern model of a show-jumping stallion who has proven to pass on his superb temperament and ride-ability, fantastic movement, conformation, and huge, careful scope to his offspring.

Christian was previously based in Germany at the Böckmann Stud where he predominantly focused on breeding after achieving high scores in his 30-day stallion licensing, including four 10’s. Christian is also an AES Elite graded stallion and is approved for Oldenburg, OS-International, Holstein and Westfalien studbooks. Not only is he a proven sire of talented show-jumpers but he is also a successful show-jumper himself, having represented Team GB at 5* level internationally.

Christian’s pedigree is full of top competition horses.

His sire, Cartani, is the result of breeding two of the world’s best show-jumpers – two-time Olympic stallion Carthago Z, and 1994 World Equestrian Games Team Gold winner Taggi. Cartani, a Holsteiner Premium Stallion noted for his scope, hind leg technique and wonderful conformation, was a member of the Danish team on numerous occasions including the 2013 European Championships under Charlotte Von Rönne. Christian’s dam, Free Lilly (competed as Who Knows Lilly), competed in the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. His Grand-dam, Miss Playback, is the dam of licensed stallions Liberty Life (by Lord Liberty), Lord Pezi and Lord Pezi 2. Liberty Life was placed fifth at the 1996 Bundeschampionate for six-year-old show-jumpers, and later competed successfully under Gilbert Böckmann in Nations Cups, for which he was awarded the title VTV-Jumper Stallion.

Christian’s progeny are popular with breeders and show-jumpers alike.

‘Coachella’, an 8-year-old bay mare, has headed to Mexico from Australia for Olympic rider Matt Williams, with a view to becoming Australia’s next championship horse. Coachella has been very successful as a young horse already and has several placings under her belt. Matt is quoted: “In my mind, Christian is the next big thing in show-jumping breeding.”

‘Clitschko 17’, a 7-year-old stallion ridden by Michael Duffy is successfully competing and winning CSIYH* classes.

‘Comfort’, a 7-year-old stallion, was second reserve champion of the 2015 OS licensing in Vechta. He also has wins at 1.25m and has competed in CSIYH* and 1.30m classes.

‘Theo 160’, an 8-year old stallion, has numerous placings at 1.30 and 1.40m at CSI2* and CSI3*.

Oak Grove’s Che, was licensed for OS-International as a 2-year-old in 2014. As a 5-year-old, Che competed at the World Championships for young horses and won the opening day of the prestigious Bundeschampionate in Germany. Since then he has competed in CSIYH* classes with several clear rounds and placings internationally.

Christian’s offspring were the show-jumping price highlights at each of the Oldenburg auctions in 2018. ‘La Marron’, who won the Oldenburg mare grading in 2017 as a 3-year-old, sold under saddle at the Vechta auction at the beginning of 2018 for €141,000. ‘Cinderella’, a striking grey mare, also going well under saddle sold for €80,000 and ‘Christiano’, a 4-year-old stallion, sold for €68,000.

Christian is well known on the International circuit, having been selected to represent Team GB up to 5* level.

Jamie and Christian have had success jumping 1m60 tracks, with good results including finishing 4th at Budapest CSIO5* in the World Cup qualifier, jumping double clear at Hickstead CSIO5* and coming 2nd at the Great Yorkshire Show in the prestigious national 1m60 competition “Cock O’The North”.

Christian is available for UK and EU frozen semen only.

FEI performance of 'CHRISTIAN 25' (41)

Datum Show Event Obst. height Athlete Position Score Prijs
23-04-2019 Eschweiler (GER) CSI3* 155-160 Jamie GORNALL (GBR) 35 9/84.87
22-04-2019 Eschweiler (GER) CSI3* 150 Jamie GORNALL (GBR) WD R1 WD
21-04-2019 Eschweiler (GER) CSI3* 145 Jamie GORNALL (GBR) 46 4/50.56
20-04-2019 Eschweiler (GER) CSI3* 140 Jamie GORNALL (GBR) 33 2/85.82
24-03-2019 Vejer de la Frontera (ESP) CSI4* 155 Jamie GORNALL (GBR) 37 9/81.23
22-03-2019 Vejer de la Frontera (ESP) CSI4* 150 Jamie GORNALL (GBR) 35 4/79.90
15-03-2019 Vejer de la Frontera (ESP) CSI4* 150 Jamie GORNALL (GBR) 8 0/0/42.58 750 EUR
09-03-2019 Vejer de la Frontera (ESP) CSI3* 140 Jamie GORNALL (GBR) 19 1/74.84
07-03-2019 Vejer de la Frontera (ESP) CSI3* 140 Jamie GORNALL (GBR) 35 1/68.15
23-02-2019 Gent (BEL) CSI2* 145 Jamie GORNALL (GBR) 35 8/72.88
21-02-2019 Gent (BEL) CSI2* 140 Jamie GORNALL (GBR) 29 0/47.39/0/42.64
30-12-2018 Liverpool (GBR) CSI4* Jamie GORNALL (GBR) 13 4/66.68
28-12-2018 Liverpool (GBR) CSI4* 140 Jamie GORNALL (GBR) 13 0/43.21/0/30.88 15 EUR
15-12-2018 Frankfurt (GER) CSI3* 150 Jamie GORNALL (GBR) 34 8/58.44
15-12-2018 Frankfurt (GER) CSI3* 145 Jamie GORNALL (GBR) 45 15/73.15
14-12-2018 Frankfurt (GER) CSI3* 140 Jamie GORNALL (GBR) 48 8/55.97
09-12-2018 Opglabbeek (BEL) CSI2* 145-150 Jamie GORNALL (GBR) 27 4/66.38
06-12-2018 Opglabbeek (BEL) CSI2* 140 Jamie GORNALL (GBR) 35 1/66.06
31-08-2018 Gijon (ESP) CSIO5* 160 Jamie GORNALL (GBR) 20 9/8 1125 EUR
30-08-2018 Gijon (ESP) CSIO5* 150 Jamie GORNALL (GBR) 58 8/81.08
29-08-2018 Gijon (ESP) CSIO5* 140 Jamie GORNALL (GBR) 28 1/86.19
11-08-2018 Budapest (HUN) CSIO5*-W-NC EUD2 140-160 Jamie GORNALL (GBR) 4 0/0/45.10
05-08-2018 Ommen (NED) CSI4* 160 Jamie GORNALL (GBR) 24 5/85.31
03-08-2018 Ommen (NED) CSI4* 150 Jamie GORNALL (GBR) 47 9/77.54
28-07-2018 Hickstead (GBR) CSIO5*-NC EUD1 150 Jamie GORNALL (GBR) 26 5/74.48
26-07-2018 Hickstead (GBR) CSIO5*-NC EUD1 150 Jamie GORNALL (GBR) 11 0/54.22/0/38.74
16-06-2018 Sopot (POL) CSIO5*-NC EUD1 160 Jamie GORNALL (GBR) 21 4/76.50
10-06-2018 Poznan Wola (POL) CSI4* 160 Jamie GORNALL (GBR) 14 4/78.69
24-05-2018 Uggerhalne (DEN) CSIO3* 140 Jamie GORNALL (GBR) 35 0/71.33
06-05-2018 Linz-Ebelsberg (AUT) CSIO3* 145 Jamie GORNALL (GBR) 37 17/76.27
04-05-2018 Linz-Ebelsberg (AUT) CSIO3* 160 Jamie GORNALL (GBR) 3 EL/wd
03-05-2018 Linz-Ebelsberg (AUT) CSIO3* 145 Jamie GORNALL (GBR) 22 2/80.21
25-03-2018 Vejer de la Frontera (ESP) CSI4* 155 Jamie GORNALL (GBR) 36 8/81.32
22-03-2018 Vejer de la Frontera (ESP) CSI4* 150 Jamie GORNALL (GBR) 17 0/74.25
18-03-2018 Vejer de la Frontera (ESP) CSI3* 150 Jamie GORNALL (GBR) 32 8/76.92
16-03-2018 Vejer de la Frontera (ESP) CSI3* 150 Jamie GORNALL (GBR) 35 8/78.27
15-03-2018 Vejer de la Frontera (ESP) CSI3* 150 Jamie GORNALL (GBR) 27 0/76.60
09-03-2018 Vejer de la Frontera (ESP) CSI4* 145 Jamie GORNALL (GBR) 38 0/4/46.45
25-02-2018 Vejer de la Frontera (ESP) CSI3* 150 Jamie GORNALL (GBR) 26 4/81.43
23-02-2018 Vejer de la Frontera (ESP) CSI3* 150 Jamie GORNALL (GBR) 26 1/77.60
22-02-2018 Vejer de la Frontera (ESP) CSI3* 150 Jamie GORNALL (GBR) 43 4/76.85
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Stamboek van 'CHRISTIAN 25'

CARTANI HOLST 276421000408301 2001
CARTHAGO HOLST DE321210021987 1987
CAPITOL I HOLST DE321210615475 1975
CAPITANO HOLST DE321210398668 1901
FOLIA HOLST DE321210460603 1901
PERRA HOLST DE321210044578 1978
BRUIN 1,70m
CALANDO I HOLST DE321210617974 1974
KERRIN HOLST DE321212110973 1973
TAGGI HOLST DE321210055681 1981
BRUIN 1,68m
LANDGRAF I HOLST DE321210391966 1966
LADYKILLER XX XX DE306064000861 1901
WARTHBURG HOLST DE321210320903 1901
KIMONA HOLST DE321210814573 1973
BRUIN 1,62m
BENEDICTUS HOLST DE321210391666 1901
CONNY HOLST DE321216422002 1901
LORD LIBERTY HOLST DE321210113485 1985
BRUIN 1,68m
LORD HOLST DE321210394067 1967
BRUIN 1,68m
LADYKILLER XX XX DE306064000861 1901
VIOLA HOLST DE321210312903 1901
NAUENBURG HOLST 210013876 1976
CONVENT HOLST 210140472 1972
ZAPRIA HOLST 210347403 1963
MISS PLAYBACK OLDBG 276333330271587 1987
ZYMBAL I OLDBG 330165482 1982
ZEUS SF 25000160013026Z 1972
CINDERELLA OLDBG 338557368 1968
WICHTELFE (WINDSPIEL 37) HANN DE331316402473 1973
WICHT HANN 310406360 1960
ELFENAMT HANN 315864452 1952