Sunday, June 11

AES and Brightwells Elite Foal Auction Selections Begin 24th June 2017

We are excited about this year's AES Elite Foal Auction, which is to be held again at Addington in cooperation with Brightwells as part of the Brightwells August Elite Auctions on 18th August 2017.

Our team of evaluators will again travel up and down the country to select a superb collection of show jumping, dressage and eventing foals. As last year, we will offer free photography and videography opportunities to every breeder putting forward their foal for selection.

To that end, we are organising a range of regional selection venues.

Our 2017 selection tour will start on 24th June 2017 in Devon at Newton Stud. From there we will travel North until we reach the Scottish Borders on 2nd July 2017. From there, we will hold a special tour of Scottish foal selections and mare and young stock gradings.

Selection venues are confirmed over the coming days, so keep an eye on our website and facebook page. If you have a foal for selection but cannot see a venue close to you, please do not hesitate to get in touch, so we can discuss options to suit you. 

As always, we welcome all our breeders to come forward to present their foals, and we look forward to hearing from you! 

To get in touch, phone Eva on 07834194821 or Hannah 01293 871701 or email [email protected]