Saturday, June 2

AES Elite Foal Auction Selections

It's that time of year again: We are getting ready for our AES Elite Foal Auction!

This year's auction will take place at Addington Manor EC on 17th August (look out for further exciting announcements about what will be another great celebration of the very best of British breeding)!

To ensure we have enough time to promote all the auction foals, this year's selections will take place between 25th June and 15th July. 

Here is how it works:

If you have a foal that you would like us to consider for selection, please contact Eva: [email protected] , 07834 194821. 

We need to know your foal's breeding, date of birth and gender, first of all, as well as your location. We will then pull together a tour of the entire country where we will visit each area where there are foals for us to consider. 

As always, there are lots of benefits if you enter your foals for selection:

You can get your mares graded and foals evaluated at the same time. (auction foals receive a free passport)

We will take photographs of your foal for the auction catalogue and will arrange for professional video. 

Entering the foal auction gives you a great shop window for your breeding operation, and many breeders found that it created a lot of interest in their other horses. 

To make sure you don't miss out, please contact us early, so we can include you in our plans!